Label Printer Service and Repair

Choosing the right printer for your application can be a confusing task. Our technical sales consultants can analyze your operation and make sure you use the right printer that will limit down time and reduce supply costs.

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Industrial Printers

TPI West is able to offer generous trade-in value for your old printer. The 110Xi4 is being replaced by the new ZT 610. The 140Xi4, the 170Xi4, and the 220Xi4 are being replaced by the new ZT 620. The 105SL is being replaced by the new ZT 510.

Midrange Printers

The midrange printer group offers many of the same features as industrial strength printers at a more economical price point.  These include Zebra ZT 400 series, Zebra ZT 230, Zebra ZT220, Zebra ZM400, Zebra Z4m+ and Datamax I4208.

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers provide excellent durability and speed at a very economical price.  These include the Zebra GK420, Zebra LP2824 and Zebra GX420.

Mobile Printers

The hip printer is perfect for all of your mobile printing applications.  These popular printers for retail and warehouse applications can use Bluetooth to connect to all kinds of devices.  These include Zebra RW420, Zebra IMZ 320 and the Datamax-Oneil microflash

TPI West’s Other Services

TPI has been serving Southern California since 2001 and is a leading provider of inventory management solutions for warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and mobile workforce. Our expert knowledge of the barcode industry, along with our products and services help increase productivity, reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

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Why Choose Us

We prefer to work with our clients in person to help understand your challenges and be able to offer the best solutions. Our technical sales consultants will help save you money on your original investment as well as for the future.

What Client’s Say

We were looking for a low cost printer for our labels. TPI met with us and gave us 2 options that would do the job. They explained that buying the smaller, less expensive printer would make our labels and ribbon more expensive. We decided to go with a larger, slightly more expensive printer, but our saving a lot of money on our supplies, thanks TPI.
Shirley, Santa Fe Springs, CA